5 Great Classic TV Shows for the Family

Many parents can agree that today’s television just can’t compare with those classic TV shows from yesteryear. What are some of the bet shows from previous generations that kids today should watch? Here are a few of my favorites that I loved as a kid and my own kids have grown to enjoy.

Get Smart – Who doesn’t love the bumbling spy Maxwell Smart? I loved watching the syndicated reruns of this classic television show when I was a child and when I introduced it to my own offspring they fell in love with it as well. Get Smart is simply zany fun and classic comedy. After watching an episode though, I always know to expect that my children will plan out their own spy missions as they try to rid the world of K.A.O.S.

The Addams Family – Yep, they’re creepy and kooky and my kids love the spooky fun of The Addams Family as much as I did growing up. This show hearkens back to well before my time. My own parents watched it when it was originally aired, which means The Addams Family is a three-generation hit in my family. What have my children learned from watching the antics of this dark crew? They are constantly reminded how much they appreciate their own somewhat normal family.

I Dream of Jeannie – The first time my children saw an episode of I Dream of Jeannie it became an instant favorite. My daughters loved the beautiful genie in pink and all of my kids enjoyed the simple comedy of the long suffering astronaut and his well-intentioned genie. 

The Beverly Hillbillies
 – The crazy antics of the fish-out-of-water hillbillies from Tennessee living in the big city is great fun. When I was a kid I tuned in to every syndicated rerun of The Beverly Hillbillies because not only was it funny, but many of the characters reminded me of people I knew in my own rural area. In fact, I still would love to have my own ce-ment pond.

Green Acres – Growing up on a farm myself made Green Acres especially enjoyable for me. Watching the battle of will between a husband and wife who loved each other but were trying to make a difficult situation work while enjoying the humor of their life is a great premise for family entertainment. Throw in a smart pig named Arnold and what kid wouldn’t enjoy this television classic?

When it comes to classic television shows, I encourage my children to watch them instead of current shows. As a parent, I don’t feel as though I need to be as concerned that things portrayed on the older shows is inappropriate – as long as I am familiar with them myself. With modern television, I have had several instances where inappropriate behavior has been displayed which made me and my children uncomfortable as well as being contrary to values I have taught my children.

Choose one or more of these classic television shows for family-friend fun and comedy that makes you laugh without blushing

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