Benefits of Watching Older Cartoons

The wonderful cartoons that we all enjoyed as kids growing up are now back as classic cartoons. Now I knwo that for me my kids love being able to watch these cartoons and I know that I like being able to share the memories that I have of these cartoons and watch my children build memories of there own. However, since the cartoons are older and ones that I have already seen then I know that I will be able to predict what type of cartoon my children will be seeing and what type of lessosn they will be learning. Here are the great benefits that I have found of having my kids watch the old classic cartoons that I loved.

The first great benefit is that with the older cartoons even though you can tell that the technnology was not as fluid as it is in today’s cartoons they are still top quality. However, if you take into consideration the technology that was available at the time it is the best quality of cartoons that you can have. So being able to watch a top quality cartoon is always a wonderful thing to do.

The second benefit that I have found with having my kids watch the older classic cartoons is that they always seem to come away with a great lesson that I have been trying to figure out how to teach them. Now the cartoons today do teach my kids some lessons, but the older cartoons in my own experience seem to be doing a better job of getting the point across while the newer ones seem to be more centered on entertaining.

The third great benefit is that I can enjoy the same cartoons that I liked while I was growing up and be able to share the same great experience that I had while watching them with my kids and watch them grow in the experience that I had as a child. So that means I will actually know the characters names unlike some of the new cartoons where I am left scracthing my head and doing an internet search to find out who is who!

Watching the older classic cartoons is a great thing to help you and your kids get to know each other even better. I know that with the classic cartoons my kids and I are able to talk about the cartoon afterwards and both be able to share what we like about the cartoon.

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