Cartoons of the Baby Boomer Era

Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang

Charlie Brown is a cartoon character that has influenced millions of of viewers that watched the cartoon TV show that continues to be aired year after year.

People who where born in what is called the baby boomer era like myself, grew up watching the now classics, A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, Be My Valentine Charlie Brown.

Tom and Jerry

The Tom and Jerry cartoon also entertained millions of viewers during the baby boomer era. The cartoon is based on two main characters who are called Tom and Jerry.

Tom is a cat and Jerry is a mouse and in every episode Tom is trying to figure out some way to capture and eat Jerry. Other characters like ducks, birds, and dogs was a part of the show to add extra humor.

Davey and Goliath

Davey and Goliath was a claymation cartoon about a boy and his dog and the everyday adventures and changes young children face as they grown up.

The Davey and Goliath series was based on moral lessons for young kids to view and hopefully learn good moral values.

The Davey and Goliath series was created by the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

The Flintstones

The Flintstones was a cartoon based about the stone age period with Fred, Wilma, Pebbles Barney, Betty, and Bam Bam as the main characters of the cartoon.

The Flintstones cartoon series was about the daily lives of these two families and the challenges at home as friends and the challenge’s Fred and Barney faced at work while working at the rock quarry.

The Jetsons

The Jetsons was a cartoon about a the space age and man and his family living in the 21 st century. The husband George, Jane his wife, Elroy and Judy their two children, a robot named Rosie, and a dog named Astro lived in a round shaped home that stood high in the sky.

The mode of transportation for George and his family was a flying vehicle and everything in the home was high tech and Futuristic.

The Jetsons was another cartoon that was on based on a family however the Jetsons’ living conditions were just the opposite of the Flintstones.

The Bullwinkle Show

The Bullwinkle Show was about Bullwinkle a moose and Rocky a flying squirrel and was about the adventures and challenge’s that Bullwinkle and Rocky faced every time the show was aired.

Boris and Natasha are two cartoon Russian spies that are always up to something thinking of ways to cause trouble and Rocky and Bullwinkle would save the day.


Popeye was a cartoon about a love affair between Popeye and Olive Oyl. Popeye is a sailor and Bluto played a villainous roll by always trying to win Olive Oyl for himself by usually kidnapping Olive Oyl and taking her away and Popeye would come to her rescue to prove his loyalty to his lover.

Other cartoon characters that played a regular role in the Popeye series were Wimpy who was always eating a Hamburger, and Swete Pea who is a small toddler.

The Pink Panther

The Pink Panther cartoon was always filed with suspense and comedy. The Pink Panther is constantly being challenged to overcome and adapt in every episode that was aired on TV.

I like this episode about the rain cloud because the rain cloud follows the Pink Panther every where he goes, and the Pink Panther tries to rid himself of the rain cloud.


Underdog is a superhero who disuses himself as a shoe shine boy. Underdog has a crush on the cartoon character named Sweet Polly Purebred who is a TV news reporter.

Underdog is always fighting against evil forces that tries to take over the city he live in.

Sweet Polly Purebred is usually out instigating and looking for a news story and usually gets to evolved and has to be rescued by Underdog.

George Of The Jungle

George Of The Jungle was a cartoon based on a charter named George who lived in the jungle and was a goofy version of Tarzan.

The adventures of Gorge of the jungle usually consisted of Gorge swinging from tree to tree while trying to avoid swinging into a tree.

The theme song was George, George, George, of the Jungle, watch out for that tree.

The Baby Boomer Era was a time when the United States Of America had a big growth in population that could have been accredited to World War 11 and Americans needed some cartoon humor.

During this time of suffering America needed something to bring laughter into their lives and cartoons helped people make it through those times.

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