Get Smart Movie Review

I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about the original Get Smart but I’d been seeing previews for the new movie and thought it looked okay. I enjoy Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway, but the previews didn’t really promise anything too funny so when my Dad suggested seeing Get Smart, I thought why not. After seeing the movie I was glad he had, because I found this movie to be hilarious!

Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell, The Office) works as an analyst for a secret agency called Control. He always dreamed of being an agent, but was unable to pass the test. Finally, he passes and can’t wait to get started; unfortunately the Chief (Alan Arkin, Little Miss Sunshine) can’t afford to loose his best analyst and does not promote him. A chance arrives soon enough when Control is infiltrated by KAOS, Control’s number one enemy, who steals all their secret agents identities and begins killing them off. Smart and a recently surgically changed Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway, The Devil Wears Prada) are the only agents not compromised and are teamed up to solve the case.

Get Smart is a movie filled with comedy and action. Director Peter Segal (50 First Dates) really knows how to mix things up, and keep the movie interesting at the same time. I never felt bored during this movie, and by the time it ended I was sad because I just wanted to keep watching! Originally I was concerned about Carell and Hathaway’s pairing, as I didn’t think they’d make a good team. They proved me wrong as they made a great team. Carrell’s goofiness is perfectly offset by Hathaway’s straight-laced routine. But they can switch their roles just as easily, though they don’t do it very often.

Carrell and Hathaway may be the stars of the movie, but movie wouldn’t be the same without the excellent supporting cast. Arkin as the Chief is gruff when needed, but a friend to his agents too. I might also add the Arkin shows himself as kind of a bad ass in this movie too, which was well enjoyed by me! Even Dwayne Johnson (formally known as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, The Game Plan) is fun to watch as Agent 23, who Smart looks up to as being the best agent around. Masi Oka (Heroes) and Nate Torrence (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) also show up as nerdy Control workers who help Smart out on more than one occasion. One scene had me cracking up just from seeing their facial expressions (when you see the movie, you’ll know which scene I’m referring to). Although the biggest laugh in the screening I saw came from a Chuck Norris joke (which wasn’t the funniest for me, but still got a chuckle…will those Chuck Norris jokes ever not be funny?) I also must mention David Koechner’s (Anchorman) performance. He may not get much screen time, but he makes the most of it and I always enjoy watching him.

If it wasn’t obvious enough from reading above, I’ll summarize. I highly recommend seeing this movie. From what my Dad told me there were some good references to the old TV show (and I even caught a couple – like the theme song, and shoe phone) so I think fans of that will be happy, but I think the movie is good enough to stand on its own for new fans to enjoy too. I’d definitely give this movie an A, and I really have no complaints about this movie. The only one I could really come up with was that the last chase scene was a little long, but I think it ended on the right note and I won’t hold it against the movie whatsoever. This is one that would be worth seeing in theaters, especially if you’re in the mood for some good laughs!

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