Get Smart Movie Review

Get Smart was a very enjoyable movie. It was funny and made me laugh. That by itself is enough for me to get my money’s worth. But it was more than your typical comedy. It had an intriguing plot involving spies and secret agents and bombs and evening wear.

It all had to do with Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell) who was a desk jockey for the government spy agency, CONTROL, until he finally got a promotion to field agent. The female lead was Anne Hathaway as Agent 99. She and Max were trying to stop a Russian nuclear weapon operation that was trying to sell bombs to unstable countries.

The special effects and stunts (a lot of people and things smashing into other people and things) were first rate. And of course there were the requisite explosions, plus a fair amount of gun play. The penultimate chase scene was a classic battle of banner-pulling prop plane vs. Cadillac SUV. It was edge-of-your-seat, action-packed and very entertaining. Throw in deadly laser beams and a lethal Swiss army knife and you have everything you’d expect from a spy movie worthy of the genre. There was even something for classical music lovers as Beethoven’s Ode to Joy was featured in a concert hall scene.

This movie was filmed in some very photogenic locations. Much of it took place in Washington, D.C., home of CONTROL. Some of the city’s more familiar landmarks were the backdrop for the action. The big final chase scene was in Los Angeles, and the Beethoven concert took place in the spectacular Disney Hall. Its shining, curved metal exterior is other-worldly in appearance. And speaking of other-worldly, part of the story took place in Moscow, Russia – Red Square to be specific. Although I have seen pictures of this architecture many times and have seen it in many movies, it looked stunning in this one, as it was shot at night. The square’s floodlights gave a warm glow to the colorfully striped onion domes.

Though they were both the consummate professionals, there was a bit of romantic sizzle between Max and 99. Carell’s Max was more competent than was Don Adams from the 60s TV show. Likewise, Hathaway’s 99 was a butt-kicking espionage machine. The chemistry between the two was definitely there, but you’ll have to see the movie to find out how this pair ends up. And to see if Max saves the world from certain nuclear annihilation. Or if he missed it by that much.

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