Oprah Discusses Social Class: Taboo Topic on Oprah

According to Oprah, social class in America is changing. People in the middle class have little savings and more debt and are getting closer to the lower class.

Professor Robert Reich Defines Modern Middle Class

One of Oprah’s experts on the show, Professor Robert Reich, discussed the definition of social class and gave advice to guests. He stated that social class depends on one’s education and income. According to Mr. Reich, America’s middle class is anyone making from 30,000 dollars to 70,000 dollars a year. He reported that a college education does matter when determining social class. For example, if someone has a college education and makes 25,000 dollars a year, he could consider himself middle class.

Guests on Oprah's Show Include Fired Anchorman, Recent College Grad

Haley, a college graduate, talked about her disappointment in being unemployed. She worked at an interior design firm and was laid off. Haley said that she thought she was doing everything right by going to college and participating in internships but feels discouraged after being unemployed for five months. Mr. Reich told Haley that the economy will get better and her college degree will help her in the future.


Wendy and Martin, …

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Free Tickets Available for NYC TV Show Tapings: How to Join Studio Audiences for Talk, Entertainment Programs

While tickets to the tapings are free, requests have to be submitted weeks and months or even a year in advance for the really popular shows. Tickets are sometimes available on a standby basis, however, but if a specific date is desired, it’s best to request it in advance.

Wait for NYC TV Show Tickets Depends on Popularity of Program

New York Show Tickets provides a round-up of television shows taped in the Big Apple. It also lists an average of how far in advance tickets should be requested, as well as what the chances of getting last-minute standby tickets are.

For example, it notes that ticket requests for the very popular Live with Regis and Kelly should be submitted six to 12 months in advance. It does note, however, that potential audience members have a fair chance of getting in if they just show up.

On the other hand, New York visitors who want to see The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert or The Daily Show with Jon Stewart only need to request tickets a week in advance. Tickets for the Jerry Springer and Maury Povich shows are usually available on requests made two to three weeks before the …

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Oprah & Kohl’s Are Looking for America’s Next New Talk Show Host

The neighbor next door could be the host of a new reality TV show, if Oprah Winfrey and super-producer Mark Burnett (the mind behind The Apprentice and Survivor) have their way. Kohl's is joining forces with this talented team to find a congenial personality with a sense of humor and a very big dream to become the host of his or her own TV talk show.

The Chance of a Lifetime Could Be Only a Live Audition or an Uploaded Video Away 

Open casting calls will be held at Kohl's stores in New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Atlanta throughout the month of June, and opportunity could be knocking for someone to become a TV talk show host. Auditions will be posted on Oprah's website at Oprah.com and viewers can keep coming back to view new auditions and vote for their favorites. The voting began on May14th and will last through July 3rd. Candidates can also upload a three-minute video by June 26th in order to compete, but they must register at Oprah's website to begin.

Candidates are encouraged to put a passionate and personal spin on whatever format they want to develop. There are several categories for talk …

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ThunderCats – A Great Cartoon Classic

I remember sprinting out of my elementary school building, speeding as fast as I could. With my book bag slinging carelessly in the wind. There was no way that I was going to miss the popular theme song to my favorite animated cartoon “ThunderCats.”

I would get home just in time to flick on the television, and join in the opening of the theme song that began with the leader of the Thundercats showcasing his expert swordsmanship, and shouting. “Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCats ho!” I would twirl, and kick, trying hard to mimic the moves of the Thundercats, for the duration of the song.

As I plopped down in front of the television, with my mouth ajar, “ThunderCats” would begin. For thirty minutes I would be fixated on the television. Lion-O, Panthro, Cheetara, Tygra, Wiley kit, and Wiley Kat, battled the evil forces of their arch nemesis Mumm-Ra. When ready to do battle, Mumm-Ra would trade in his decrepit appearance by reciting an incantation. This would transform him into the powerful, flying, energy ball throwing Mumm-Ra the Ever living. Mumm-Ra was on a quest to get his hands on the infamous Eye of Thundera.

Watching Lion-O, and his …

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A Guide On Selecting The Best Android Tablet

In an era of high tech stuff such as ours, there’s a constant fear of missing out on the latest updates, especially with companies coming up with new and yet newer versions of an already existing product. Got the iPhone  X? Oh, but your friend has the iPhone XR! In this dire urge of keeping up with the ever-changing models of the companies are you already in search of another tablet? Or are you a first-timer? Well, whichever be the case you surely should not, would not want to mess it up. So here are some common queries to ask yourself before you jump into a heavy investment.

  1. Purpose:

What is your purpose in buying the tablet? Is it something To supplement your TV sessions with? Or is it for genuine workaholics?

Whatever it may be, the answer to these questions will lead you to the next consecutive steps. Speaking from a general perspective its obvious that just like laptops and smartphones, tablets too come in all shapes, sizes, and features. You just need to choose which one you want. The purpose also includes as to if you are going to use it just inside the house or carry it …

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Get Smart Movie Review

Get Smart was a very enjoyable movie. It was funny and made me laugh. That by itself is enough for me to get my money’s worth. But it was more than your typical comedy. It had an intriguing plot involving spies and secret agents and bombs and evening wear.

It all had to do with Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell) who was a desk jockey for the government spy agency, CONTROL, until he finally got a promotion to field agent. The female lead was Anne Hathaway as Agent 99. She and Max were trying to stop a Russian nuclear weapon operation that was trying to sell bombs to unstable countries.

The special effects and stunts (a lot of people and things smashing into other people and things) were first rate. And of course there were the requisite explosions, plus a fair amount of gun play. The penultimate chase scene was a classic battle of banner-pulling prop plane vs. Cadillac SUV. It was edge-of-your-seat, action-packed and very entertaining. Throw in deadly laser beams and a lethal Swiss army knife and you have everything you’d expect from a spy movie worthy of the genre. There was even something for classical music lovers as …

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Movie Review: Baby Mama

Tina Fey is easily one of Hollywood’s best talents. She has the ability to write, act, produce, sing, and everything in between. Her sitcom, 30 Rock, is one of the most well written television series of all time. So why, then, does Baby Mama not feel quite as funny as what Tina Fey fans are used to?

For all intents and purposes, Baby Mama is well acted. As previously stated, Tina Fey is one of the best Hollywood has to offer. She has little trouble being funny, while also showing a surprising capability for dramatic situations.

Greg Kinnear is also excellent as Fey’s love interest. A rare underrated actor, Kinnear does not need to try to be funny, instead allowing the situation to be humorous and acting like a normal person would. Few actors try for the understated performance, especially in comedies, but Kinnear is an expert at his craft.

Where Baby Mama starts to rip at the seam is with supporting characters. Aside from Fey and Kinnear’s characters, everyone else is displayed as a caricature. Dax Shepard is a typical white trash dirt bag, Steve Martin is a sort-of-creepy new age business mogul, Sigourney Weaver is a perpetually …

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TV Shows for Kids: Camp Lazlo on Cartoon Network

Camp Lazlo is an animated television series that airs on Cartoon Network. Each episode fills up a 30 minute television block. Each episode is split into two different parts which are each approximately 11 minutes long. The creator of Camp Lazlo is Joe Murray. Some of the actors and actresses whose voice can be heard on the show are Carlos Alazraqui, Jeff Bennett, Tom Kenny, Jodi Benson, and Doug Lawrence.

Camp Lazlo debuted on Cartoon Network on July 8, 2005 and has been running for over a year. A total of 32 different episodes have aired to date. The show was nominated for an Emmy as one of the top animated shows on television.

Some of the main characters on the Camp Lazlo are: 
Lazlo – He is a Brazilian spider monkey who loves to have fun on the show and is an overall very happy monkey. Unfortunately, he and his friends are stuck in Camp Kidney which is very strict, so his personality clashes with the leaders at the camp. His good attitude helps solve the problems the group often runs into.

Raj – He is a bunkmate of Lazlo’s and is an elephant. He is very easily …

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