Source Code Movie Review

Duncan Jones’s 2011 sci-fi thriller “Source Code” revealed a thematic continuity from his debut film “Moon.” His movies search for humanity within the fantastical realms of science. While in essence most all science fiction is just that, Jones does so with a philosopher’s gumption.

With “Moon” Jones explored how identity could be violated through a harvested clone, played by Sam Rockwell. In an intimate story, “Moon” questioned the very nature of what it means to be human if cloned. With “Source Code” he superimposes this philosophical question of identity over the idea of alternate, or multiple universes.

Reviews labeled “Source Code” as a thrilling, yet confusing film, which forewarn unsuspecting audiences, but conceptually it’s nothing new to cinema. Alternate realities go back as far as Frank Capra’s “It’s A Wonderful Life,” the difference being that angels like Clarence evolved into scientific theories. A list of comparisons to “Source Code” are plentiful: “Groundhog Day,” “Frequency,” “12 Monkeys,” “Sliding Doors,” “Run Lola Run,” “The Butterfly Effect.” Of course “Donnie Darko” as well, which starred Jake Gyllenhaal who is the heart of “Source Code.” It was Gyllenhaal who championed Ben Ripley’s “Source Code” script into the hands of Duncan Jones.

Gyllenhaal plays a …

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Benefits of Watching Older Cartoons

The wonderful cartoons that we all enjoyed as kids growing up are now back as classic cartoons. Now I knwo that for me my kids love being able to watch these cartoons and I know that I like being able to share the memories that I have of these cartoons and watch my children build memories of there own. However, since the cartoons are older and ones that I have already seen then I know that I will be able to predict what type of cartoon my children will be seeing and what type of lessosn they will be learning. Here are the great benefits that I have found of having my kids watch the old classic cartoons that I loved.

The first great benefit is that with the older cartoons even though you can tell that the technnology was not as fluid as it is in today’s cartoons they are still top quality. However, if you take into consideration the technology that was available at the time it is the best quality of cartoons that you can have. So being able to watch a top quality cartoon is always a wonderful thing to do.

The second benefit that I …

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5 Great Classic TV Shows for the Family

Many parents can agree that today’s television just can’t compare with those classic TV shows from yesteryear. What are some of the bet shows from previous generations that kids today should watch? Here are a few of my favorites that I loved as a kid and my own kids have grown to enjoy.

Get Smart – Who doesn’t love the bumbling spy Maxwell Smart? I loved watching the syndicated reruns of this classic television show when I was a child and when I introduced it to my own offspring they fell in love with it as well. Get Smart is simply zany fun and classic comedy. After watching an episode though, I always know to expect that my children will plan out their own spy missions as they try to rid the world of K.A.O.S.

The Addams Family – Yep, they’re creepy and kooky and my kids love the spooky fun of The Addams Family as much as I did growing up. This show hearkens back to well before my time. My own parents watched it when it was originally aired, which means The Addams Family is a three-generation hit in my family. What have my children learned from watching …

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Get Smart Movie Review

I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about the original Get Smart but I’d been seeing previews for the new movie and thought it looked okay. I enjoy Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway, but the previews didn’t really promise anything too funny so when my Dad suggested seeing Get Smart, I thought why not. After seeing the movie I was glad he had, because I found this movie to be hilarious!

Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell, The Office) works as an analyst for a secret agency called Control. He always dreamed of being an agent, but was unable to pass the test. Finally, he passes and can’t wait to get started; unfortunately the Chief (Alan Arkin, Little Miss Sunshine) can’t afford to loose his best analyst and does not promote him. A chance arrives soon enough when Control is infiltrated by KAOS, Control’s number one enemy, who steals all their secret agents identities and begins killing them off. Smart and a recently surgically changed Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway, The Devil Wears Prada) are the only agents not compromised and are teamed up to solve the case.

Get Smart is a movie filled with comedy and action. Director Peter …

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Top 10 Characters in Cartoon Movies

I know that at one time or another we have all been forced to watch a cartoon. If you were lucky you got to watch a good one, and thereby solidifying your idea that cartoons are good for children. If you watched a bad one, perhaps featuring a purple dinosaur, you are irrevocably scarred for life, and have a loosening of the bowels at the thought of another such torturous 90 minutes.

I have to be honest, I love cartoon movies. I have five nephews, a niece, and a great-nephew, and they require the watching of these movies. Again honesty intrudes and I have to let you know that I personally own most of Disney’s collected works, I think Pixar is the next best thing since sliced bread, and Dreamworks was just what the doctor ordered to shake up the complacent world of animated movies. That all having been said, as an adult, my taste in what we watch, I have noticed, varies greatly from what the little ones ask to see. Their ideas of great movies are not spun by the great quotes, the unique and funny characters, or the by play with the rest of the “cast”. They …

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