ThunderCats – A Great Cartoon Classic

I remember sprinting out of my elementary school building, speeding as fast as I could. With my book bag slinging carelessly in the wind. There was no way that I was going to miss the popular theme song to my favorite animated cartoon “ThunderCats.”

I would get home just in time to flick on the television, and join in the opening of the theme song that began with the leader of the Thundercats showcasing his expert swordsmanship, and shouting. “Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCats ho!” I would twirl, and kick, trying hard to mimic the moves of the Thundercats, for the duration of the song.

As I plopped down in front of the television, with my mouth ajar, “ThunderCats” would begin. For thirty minutes I would be fixated on the television. Lion-O, Panthro, Cheetara, Tygra, Wiley kit, and Wiley Kat, battled the evil forces of their arch nemesis Mumm-Ra. When ready to do battle, Mumm-Ra would trade in his decrepit appearance by reciting an incantation. This would transform him into the powerful, flying, energy ball throwing Mumm-Ra the Ever living. Mumm-Ra was on a quest to get his hands on the infamous Eye of Thundera.

Watching Lion-O, and his band of catlike warriors use their unique abilities to battle the multitude of vile forces that inhabited Third Earth, gave me a sense of nirvana. The ThunderCats fought hard to protect the Eye of Thundera, which was located on the hilt of the Sword of Omen. The Eye of Thundera was the source of the ThunderCat’s great power, and it could be used for good, or evil.

The ThunderCats were aided by Lion-O’s protector from childhood. Snarf was the small cat who was responsible for the care of Lion-O when he was a boy. When the ThunderCats got into a tight situation, Snarf was always there to save the day.

During the second season, the existence of three additional ThunderCats was revealed. Ben-Gali, Pumyra, and Lynx-O somehow survived the explosion of the ThunderCat’s original home, Thundera. After Lion-O became aware of this revelation, the three new ThunderCats soon joined forces with the original ThunderCats.

After the re-emergence of New Thundera, another ThunderCat was discovered. Jaguara was a wise, and immortal sorceress. Jaguara’s primary responsibility was to guard the giant gyroscope that kept New Thundera from being destroyed.

Every episode of this cartoon classic was filled with action, and adventure. The “ThunderCats” was syndicated, and aired in 1985. The shows extreme popularity was accompanied by comic books, and action figures. “ThunderCats” aired one hundred and thirty episodes over a span of four seasons, only to reappear periodically on different networks, during different time slots.

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