TV Shows for Kids: Camp Lazlo on Cartoon Network

Camp Lazlo is an animated television series that airs on Cartoon Network. Each episode fills up a 30 minute television block. Each episode is split into two different parts which are each approximately 11 minutes long. The creator of Camp Lazlo is Joe Murray. Some of the actors and actresses whose voice can be heard on the show are Carlos Alazraqui, Jeff Bennett, Tom Kenny, Jodi Benson, and Doug Lawrence.

Camp Lazlo debuted on Cartoon Network on July 8, 2005 and has been running for over a year. A total of 32 different episodes have aired to date. The show was nominated for an Emmy as one of the top animated shows on television.

Some of the main characters on the Camp Lazlo are: 
Lazlo – He is a Brazilian spider monkey who loves to have fun on the show and is an overall very happy monkey. Unfortunately, he and his friends are stuck in Camp Kidney which is very strict, so his personality clashes with the leaders at the camp. His good attitude helps solve the problems the group often runs into.

Raj – He is a bunkmate of Lazlo’s and is an elephant. He is very easily afraid of different things such as water, being alone, and crawly creatures. Although his obsession with marshmallows sometime gets in the way, he always sticks with his friends through their adventures.

Clam – He is a small rhino who is the stereotypical dumb character. He is constantly eating cereal and loves to share his knowledge he gains from reading cereal box tops. Clam is also the protector of the group. 
Scoutmaster Lumpus – He is a moose and is very uptight about everything. If things don’t go his way, he gets very angry and takes out on the other characters on Camp Lazlo.

Slinkman – He is the assistant to Scoutmaster Lumpus and is a banana slug. He is forced to try and keep everything in order while Lumpus goes into his bad moods. Slinkman, unlike Lumpus, loves the hcampers and often acts just like one.

Camp Lazlo is a terrific show for young kids as it is a mixture of many different genres including comedy, adventure, and a little bit of drama. The differences in personalities that the characters on Camp Lazlo have make for some very entertaining situations and encounters.

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